Fitness Trackers For Kids: Top 10 Picks From New Arrivals

Fitness Trackers For Kids
Fitness Trackers For Kids

Fitness trackers for kids smartwatches encourage children to create healthy behaviors. 

And these activity trackers smartwatches continue pushing in technologically enjoyable manners. 

Mom and dad still using them may need a child fitness tracker watch to motivate the entire extended family. 

And also to be effective around each other and efficiently doing everyday work.

Ever since I have become a father, strength training has certainly become an essential key component of my life. 

I just want to still be fit and active for my children and set a better inspiration for my kids.

Sooner or later, my kids may choose to workout with their father.

We started looking for the perfect fitness tracker for children and teens straight away.

We also organized holidays from throughout attraction games, such as the Disney games. 

And also the activity trackers were a perfect approach to encourage us to prepare for the activity. 

There are a whole lot of forms activity trackers get used to while on the road. 

Like biking and outdoor activities in a fresh neighborhood.

How do children’s activity trackers function?

Like their parents and grandparents, children’s exercise trackers choose a three-axis sensor. 

To assess if the kid is either moving, walking, or doing other motions. 

And to also monitor the number of actions they are walking. 

In reality, both Fitbit and Garmin children’s activity trackers we checked are essentially similar. 

As grown-up people fitness trackers are on the marketplace, although with a unique small child-friendly harness.

However, many children’s activity trackers may not monitor calories. 

And also neither do these fitness trackers tap various forms of activities, including walking, running, or biking. 

Most of them do record how many hours of sleep night’s kids receive. 

The information is synchronized to a mobile device indeed a kid’s or anyone’s or relating to a family member.

Also, to make it even easier to see how efficient they are on a daily continuous basis. 

However, users can as well verify the fitness statistics immediately on the fitness tracking display.

Kids’ activity trackers also provide virtual rewards and prizes when goals are achieved. 

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Again, these include the chance to play among mates, along with added functionality. 

Such as nap time warnings, prompts to walk, and also mobile text and call updates. 

However,  these might be more suitable for older kids.

Is it a good decision for kids to use grown-up people’s Fitness trackers? 

There seem to be a few main factors whether you should purchase a kid’s health tracker rather than a relatively cheap older person edition. 

Adult fitness trackers measure calories that are not a metrical child can rely on. 

In comparison, children’s fitness trackers have thinner bands and straps. 

Additionally, These are more adapted to tiny digits, meaning they’ll find it much easier to lock and unlock. 

Although there is a lower chance that they could inadvertently fall off their wrists.

Are using activity trackers secure for children?

Almost all fitness activity trackers like Garmin and Fitbit have guaranteed that their children’s fitness trackers allow guardians to accept all invitations. 

And also from peers to engage in fitness-based competitions until children can join. 

These are done with the application. They do not even reveal the location of a user, either.

Why are activity trackers beneficial for children?

Kid’s activity trackers will probably educate school-aged children about healthy activity levels.

Particularly for all those who appear to become more inactive,  Explains Lisa Lewis, a board-certified family physician in Fort Worth, Texas.

An activity tracker can not be utilized until the adult has properly considered if the kid wishes to wear it. 

A kid must never be coerced or pressured using a fitness tracker, Lewis states 

Also, the kid can never be rebuked for experiencing a bad day of workout. 

There is some doubt about multi-function wearable devices, which could be confused throughout the school. 

And present a safety threat if the kid is now on the wrist when walking. 

Whenever a kid wears an activity tracker, I think it’d be just that activity tracker, Lisa Lewis suggests.

List of the Best 10 Fitness Trackers for Kids 2021:

You will not have to pay huge amounts of money to find the right children’s activity tracker, too. 

The list following has a set that is intended to fit with most household expenditures,

1. Fitbit Ace: 

Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker For Kids
Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker For Kids

The Fitbit Ace is the official version of Fitbit for children age around 8 and older kids. 

Also, Fitbit Ace is obtainable in blue or purple which does not include a cartoon clock face like Fitbit Ace 2. 

Even so, this children’s Fitbit even now contains a configurable clock face that exhibits various genres. 

Again, Fitbit Ace also has digital benefits and emblems when children complete fitness achievements. 

Fitbit Ace is splash-proof and waterproof, so guardians don’t need to think too hard about their kids choosing to wear it around the watery place also.

A shower-proof device that manages to survive splashes and drops with a safe, 

Fitbit Ace is a customizable wristband for developing children of one size. 

Additionally, It is built for wrist measurements roughly equivalent to 155 mm/6.10 mm.

And in the Fitbit application guardians build a profile for the kid underneath the parent account. Also, parents permission provisions for kids 12 years or under.

Fitbit Ace Price:

Fitbit Ace is available on Amazon at $129.99 and Fitbit Ace has a good 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

2. Garmin vivofit jr

Garmin vivofit jr Fitness Tracker For Kids
Garmin vivofit jr Fitness Tracker For Kids

Family or children not willing to participate in a Disney license can ask for just a Garmin vivofit jr activity tracker.

And it arrives in lava, cameo, and floral styles. 

These are some of the popular wearable devices and exercise tracking systems for teenagers. 

As well as. the Garmin’s vivofit jr tracks move, sleep, and 60 min of prescribed physical activity. 

Again, connect this activity tracker with a mobile application to play a game and achieve the 1-hour exercise target.

Garmin vivofit jr is an accessible smartphone family application. 

Also, OS integrated with Android 4.4 or more with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher or iPhone Operating system 9.1 or above. 

Screen resolution of 64 x 64 pixels.

Kids rough Simple to wear, 1 size that fits far more, non-staining, 1 piece of the band stretches around your kid’s hand and easily fits. 

Rechargeable batteries: One removable CR1632 battery coin cell

Garmin vivofit jr Price:

Garmin vivofit jr is available on Amazon at $47.00 & FREE Returns and vivofit jr has a good 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

3. Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit Ace 2 Fitness Tracker For Kids
Fitbit Ace 2 Fitness Tracker For Kids

The Fitbit Ace 2 fitness tracker is intended for children 6 and older. 

It sends children encouragement to step, presents 60-minute exercise competitions, as well as interactive medals and awards. 

This Fitbit Ace 2 for little kids is water-resistant to a depth of approximately 50 meters. 

Again, keeping it sweat-free, swim, and waterproof. 

Also, it is ideal for the ocean, swimming pool, or cruise pool.

Any of the child-friendly capabilities of the Fitbit Ace 2 provide an illuminated clock screen vibrant animations.

And These picture covers help children customize their accounts. 

Moreover, this children’s Fitbit arrives in bold, vivid children’s colors.

Such as strawberries, yellow, blue, and pink, and also optional extra cost attachment textured design bands.

Besides, Kids invest a little time charging and much more time running. 

Fitbit Ace 2 offers up to five days of battery life differs with usage and other variables.

Steps & productive minutes of monitoring let kids run, jump & travel to a healthy life.

Moreover, you can connect ace 2 to a kid profile to control a small child screen. 

Kids may also encourage their mates to play and send comments or cheering to one another in the application.

Fitbit Ace 2 Price:

Fitbit Ace 2 is available on Amazon at $67.09 and Fitbit Ace 2 has a good 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

4. Garmin vivofit jr 2

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Fitness Tracker For Kids
Garmin vivofit jr 2 Fitness Tracker For Kids

Travel to the uncertain with Garmin’s vivofit jr 2 Fitness Exercise Tracker Best for millennial Disney lovers. 

The Garmin vivofit jr 2 tracker combines with a mobile application. 

To inspire kids to be involved through 1-hour inspired experiences. 

Moreover, vivofit jr 2 has waterproof and robust capabilities.

Also, vivofit jr 2 available in several designs namely Frozen, DC Superhero, Star Wars, Marvel, and much more.

Children progress protagonists through the tale to achieve the task targets. 

In contrast to operations, parents should set up notification reminders, motivations, and encouragement. 

To accomplish tasks and assignments timely.

Garmin vivofit jr 2 is a swimming-friendly team that includes a flexible color screen and much more than one year of battery life. 

And, no charging up is required and interchangeable by the customer.

Mother and father can use the parent-controlled software core monitoring and incentive features.

Besides, it has reminder warnings and assignment timers to keep children at the forefront of activities such as schoolwork, rehearsal time, or brushing teeth.

Garmin vivofit jr 2 Price:

Garmin vivofit jr 2 is available on Amazon at $58.95 & FREE Returns and vivofit jr 2 has a good 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

5. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Fitness Trackers for Kids

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch
Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Advertised as just a smartwatch, the Amazfit Bip is much more of an activity tracker than a gaming and selfie unit. 

Amazfit Bip features a GPS, a heart rate tracker, and now a battery that will survive approximately 30 days. 

This fitness tracker would not cater to smaller kids. 

However, the Amazfit Bip is a perfect activity tracker for teens involved in walking, biking, and cycling while on family vacations.

Amazfit Bip helps you to get texts, phone & APP alerts, receive updates for incoming calls and text messages. 

And other social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. 

And many other smartphone applications straight on the color-touch touchscreen of your Amazfit Bip.

Compact and Thin: Amazfit Bip just weighs 32g with the watch strap and a width of 11.5mm. Bip can also be carried the whole day long. 

Health monitoring: Heart rate monitor tracking and integrated GPS automatically sync your movements, distances walked, caloric burn, and amount of sleep in full detail. 

Multi-sport monitoring: outdoor biking, outdoor cycling, indoor walking, hiking.

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch Price:

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is available on Amazon at $129.34 & FREE Returns and Amazfit Bip has a good 4 out of 5-star rating.

6. Garmin Forerunner 35 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Garmin Forerunner 35
Garmin Forerunner 35

The Garmin Forerunner 35 sports watch is the perfect activity tracker for teens. 

Those teens who may have outlived dinosaurs and Disney heroes.  

And, this convenient GPS-enabled training watch records moves, lengths, and calories consumed during the day. 

Garmin’s Forerunner 35 even has an indication that indicates children to move because they’ve been seated too much. 

This is a perfect activity tracker for teenagers trying to build a workout routine and progress past basic step tracking.

Good Battery Life to 10 hours on a single charge in fitness mode or 10 weeks in monitoring mode; The big editions of it. 

Besides, around 8 hours of battery performance in training mode as well as 8 weeks in monitoring mode. Tiny variants of it.

You can immediately post walking or running and behavior monitoring progress with buddies and families. 

And the globe via social networking sites by combining a compliant smartphone with Garmin Device.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Price:

Garmin Forerunner 35 is available on Amazon at $84.99 & FREE Returns and Forerunner 35 has a good 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

7. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Trackers for Kids

Fitbit Inspire 2 Finess Tracker
Fitbit Inspire 2 Finess Tracker

This adult activity tracker is intended for kids matured 10+. 

It specifically tracks workout sessions, the steps undertaken and the path traveled every day. 

Our reviewers liked the softly vibrating warning and the encouragement to shift when you’ve been inactive for far too much. 

It also notifications you to texts and calls from your connected mobile. 

Nevertheless, unlike many other kids’ exercise trackers. 

Moreover, it monitors the calories that you burn every day, which can make certain parents nervous. 

It’s not monitoring successful minutes, either. The rechargeable battery lasts approximately 10 days 

And it can be completely powered up in less than an hour. 

The constructed charger is protected by a strap, which has proven to be reliable to detach.

Again, it is using a 24/7 pulse rate to monitor resting heart rate and help calculate calorie burning.

You can monitor your time in daylight, dark, and REM sleep. 

Then get a Sleep Rating to allow you to understand the consistency of your sleep every night.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Price:

Fitbit Inspire 2 is available on Amazon at $83.91 and Inspire 2 has a good 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

8. LeapBand Activity Tracker for Kids

LeapBand Activity Tracker
LeapBand Activity Tracker

The LeapPad creators have a health tracker planned for even smaller kids. 

The LeapBand Fitness Tracker is more like a “digital friend” on your kid’s hand cared for by activity and safe decisions. 

The LeapBand Fitness Tracker has 50 training exercises to keep children busy. 

And families can also schedule their normal bedtime not to keep children awake and engaged at night.

Leapfrog Leapband Fitness Tracker Price:

Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker is available on Amazon at $54.99 and Leapfrog Leapband has a good 5 out of 5-star rating.

9. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker
BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker

The BIGGERFIVE Activity Tracker is also another low-cost fitness tracker that provides an equivalent to more costly models. 

And, this exercise tracker is built for teenagers and children aged 5 and above including a shorter band built for smaller kid’s wrists.

Every BIGGERFIVE Activity Tracker equipped with 2 bands in various colors: 

  • Black And Blue 
  • Blue And Green 
  • Pink And Purple

The kids-friendly interface tracks move, speed, calories, active hours, and mobile activity synchronizes.

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker continuously monitors how well users sleep soundly at night. 

And, collecting details on your sleep patterns via the night in the application. 

Users will wake up with a quiet sound alarm clock without upsetting anyone.

Again, users can charge the exercise tracker with any USB connector without needing an additional charger. 

Battery charging for 1-2 hours, the exercise tracker battery will last approximately seven days.

Moreover, BIGGERFIVE children’s health tracker watch For the free “VeryFitPro ” application. 

And, it is compliant with Android version 4.4 above it and iOS 8.0+.

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Price:

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker is available on Amazon at $23.99 and BIGGERFIVE  has a good 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

10. KidiZoom Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

KidiZoom Smartwatch Fitness Tracker For Kids
KidiZoom Smartwatch Fitness Tracker For Kids

This VTech gadget is more like a wearable device than an activity tracker. 

Making it a decent choice for kids who want Apple Watches from their families. 

While there is a fitness tracker that tracks steps and the option to set exercise goals. 

KidiZoom’s real emphasis is on multimedia features. 

We like this smartwatch to have integrated sports, voice capturing capabilities. 

And, KidiZoom Smartwatch includes a dual camera with interesting filters. 

Even, it’s sweat-resistant and waterproof to keep up with children’s harder lifestyle choices.

Again, KidiZoom Smartwatch has an alarm clock, countdown, and stopwatch. 

The VTech wearable has 2 new technologies, such as a calendar mode and now a calculator. 

So that your kid can carry out basic math addition(+), multiplication(x), and division problems.

KidiZoom Smartwatch features a Battery-powered Lithium-Ion battery. 

And it contains a micro USB Cable for sharing pictures and videos. 

It has a rechargeable battery; built for children 4 to 9 years. 

And, the wristband can be changed from 137mm to 197 millimeters for wrists ( 5.4″ up to 7.75″)

KidiZoom Smartwatch Price:

KidiZoom Smartwatch is available on Amazon at $47.98 & FREE Returns and KidiZoom has a good $47.98 & FREE Returns.

Warp Up:

2021’s kids are very modern and they like various innovative newest devices for playing and utilizing. 

The fitness tracker is one of the coolest gadgets that we can see in the market. 

Parents of today are also very concerned about their kid’s fitness and monitoring sleeping time.

That’s why fitness trackers are much popular among parents.

We hope our list of the best 10 Fitness Trackers for Kids 2021  will solve your buying guide problems.

Our market researchers analyze nearly all online marketplaces and consider all products’ customer reviews to make a list of the best 10 Fitness Trackers for Kids 2021.

If you have any queries regarding Fitness Trackers for Kids kindly mention those in the comment section. 

Fitness Trackers For Kids: FAQs 

Are Fitbits FItness Trackers suitable for 8-year-olds?

The first major marketing feature now is that the Fitbit Ace is ideal for children aged 8 and above. 

Relatively recently, Fitbit was intended primarily to be used for children aged 13 and above due to data security regulations. 

Today, there’s now the latest parent account option that encourages parents to access the details the computer gathers.

What age is recommended for Fitbit Ace 2 Fitness Trackers?

Fitbit has since expanded the age group that its children’s exercise tracker is appropriate for, with the latest Ace 2 for children 6 and over.

What is the key difference between Fitbit Ace and Ace 2 fitness trackers?

The Fitbit Ace 2 has a more durable plastic cover upon this. 

The nature of the Fitbit Ace 2 would cater most to smaller kids, whereas older kids may enjoy the fancier feel of the first Ace. 

The Fitbit Ace 2 comes with fun patterns that children are happy to experience.

Are inexpensive activity trackers a positive thing?

The best inexpensive exercise trackers will support you to go into shape. 

And these trackers meet your exercise objectives while having to pay hundreds of dollars. 

In reality, for much less than $100, a few of the best and cheapest activity trackers will check your sleep, your pulse rate, and send alerts from your mobile phone.

Is Fitbit fitness trackers a Chinese manufacturer Company?

Fitbit, Corporation is an American consumer electronic equipment and fitness manufacturer based in San Francisco, California.

Why did Google purchase Fitbit?

Through the purchase of Fitbit. Google’s mission is to start making wearable fitness and lifestyle devices more available to a broader population. 

Custom-made Google’s applications and technology with Fitbit’s technologies and devices are likely to help accomplish this goal.

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