Smartphone For Kids: 10 Best Picks From Top Brands 2021

Smartphone For Kids
Smartphone For Kids

Trying to choose the best smartphones for kids is a unique approach to choose the perfect older person smartphone. 

Since an older person’s smartphone may entail selecting the right functionalities for you. 

The best smartphones for kids seem to be all about providing simple features. 

And, without flooding your young children with choices or putting them in danger.

For the smallest kid, this may mean a computer that would be confined to only calls and messaging. 

Again, for teenagers, though, this could involve encouraging them to enjoy the software. 

That their buddies have while preventing them from the bad things that the online world has to deliver.

Besides, few smartphone manufacturers produce mobile phones, particularly for kids.

List Of 10 Best Smartphone For Kids In 2021: 

However, many of our selects are smartphones that are the simplest to customize to your kid’s needs. 

In our list, we’ve even taken into consideration the disparity in your age of the child. 

A smartphone that takes pleasure in an eight-year kid is also not trying to satisfy a teenager, for example. 

That indicates we’ve selected the right smartphones for kids as per various age ranges. 

So, our decisions are based not only on the parental control system but also on longevity, battery life, and value for money.

Since each kid is unique, we have set dissimilar standards based on the age category concerned. 

Even the smallest kid who needs to get a smartphone, we’ve focused on gadgets that are easy to use. 

And, helping you to keep in contact while remaining durable because you didn’t have to think about getting broken quickly.

Whenever it relates to choices for older children we focused on smartphones that protected fundamentals. 

While also encouraging you to limit some areas of the online platform. 

Such that your kid is not vulnerable to any possible nightmares. 

Eventually, before it comes to 7 to 10-grade school teens. 

We’ve glanced at the latest range of the most accessible mobile phones around the marketplace.

Can’t seem clear how to get started? Don’t think about it. 

Normally, a smartphone running iOS 14 or Android 10 or older is a good bet for everyone except the smallest kids. 

Both systems have outstanding parental monitoring tools that give a lot of control over just about anything. 

While also offering your children enjoyable apps that they can discover securely.

1. VTech KidiBuzz: Smartphone For Kids

VTech KidiBuzz: Smartphone For Kids
VTech KidiBuzz

KidiBuzz is a well-established children’s electronics toy brand. 

And it’s no wonder that this smartphone arrives packaged with 44 educational games. 

These discuss mathematics, scientific knowledge, and spelling. 

Allowing children to take pictures and then use image filters, backgrounds, and virtual stickers. 

Family monitor the phone conversation and message phone contacts 

And VTech KidiBuzz also opens internet sites and software downloads. 

The rugged case and also the shatter-proof panel are designed to survive the unavoidable rugged treatment.

This multimedia system features a 180-degree revolving camera for photos, photos, and videos. 

And, VTech KidiBuzz helps kids to hear music and enjoy their preferred online videos.

VTech KidiBuzz Features:

  • 180 Degree Rotating Camera
  • 5” Shatter-Safe Touch Screen 
  • Protective Bumper
  • 8GB Memory storage
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Headphone Jack
  • Non-Removable Li-Polymer Battery
  • 44 Games 
  • 3 E-Books
  • 9 Utility Apps

2. Relay Screenless Phone

Relay Screenless Phone
Relay Screenless Phone

The relay is almost like a GPS-enabled walkie-talkie featuring push-to-talk instead of a standard phone display. 

It utilizes 4G LTE and the USA spectrum. 

And it also links to Wi-Fi connections that you have established in the parental application. 

Again, its battery is great for two days via one full charge.

You will build geo-closed zones from 50 to 200m wide and be alert if your kid begins wandering away. 

And the device is both durable and waterproof. 

Relay Screenless Phone no screen guarantees there is no chance of a broken monitor making the relay useless.

Little children only simply press and hold the button to post a message to the loved ones. 

And they get automatically this message on their Relay application. 

The phone comes in 5 colors and provides a variety of channels that facilitate children to play music and listen to stories and Jocks.

Drawbacks, huh? Relay is only usable on a plan including a $10 monthly service charge with an additional tax.

Relay Screenless Phone Pros:

  • Water-resistant
  • GPS tracking

Relay Screenless Phone Cons:

  • Service charge 
  • Little big


Dimensions67.3 x 67.3 x 12.7 mm
ColorsMint, Brick, Blueberry
Battery StandbyApproximately 2 days
Storage1 GB

3. Jitterbug Flip Phone

Jitterbug Flip Phone
Jitterbug Flip Phone

The Jitterbug Flip was developed and targeted elderly customers. 

Although the similar functionality that allows it a perfect Grammy phone indicates this is still a decent mobile device for little Kids.

There is nothing here of the newly invented Facebook or Twitter garbage here. 

Also, there are only huge, vibrant keys, a quiet loudspeaker, and a sharp display bundled in a  flip phone case that’s highly nostalgic of the classic Motorola Razr V3.

There seems to be a webcam, but not a brilliant one and the operating system is easy to navigate.

Generally speaking, the Jitterbug Flip is a little costlier than most android devices. 

And Jitterbug Flip is restricted to the Great Call cellular service in the USA but it is usable unlocked in the United kingdom.

Jitterbug Flip Phone Pros:

  • Design of modern 
  • Wonderfully straightforward

Jitterbug Flip Phone Cons:

  • Comparatively pricey
  • Not stylist 


Dimensions119.4 x 55.9 x 17.8mm
External Screen1.44 inch
Internal Screen3.2 inch
ColorsRed, Graphite

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone Price:

Jitterbug Flip is available on Amazon at $96.90 and Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone has a good 3.9 out of 5-star rating. 

4. XPLORA X5 Play: Smartphone For Kids

XPLORA X5 Play: Smartphone For Kids

There are several Xploras, the simpler and inexpensive of which is the XPLORA X5 Play. 

It’s built to tie up to a belt or bag with the provided carabiner hook. 

And X5 Play allows you to monitor your kid’s position via your mobile application

It’s built for events like gatherings where your children will quickly walk away. 

So you can establish security areas that will instantly alert you when your kid travels

X5 Play is marketed SIM-free, however, if you provide one, you can use this as a tablet. 

With the clear touchscreen control system and compatibility for text and emoji texts.

The Xplora X5 can be wired to WiFi at a cheaper price. 

Xplora suggests a SpeedTalk Phone SIM with maximum performance. 

This device is compliant with several cellular networks other than Sprint, Verizon, T Mobile & US Cellular.

Xplora X5 uses various service providers to display the location of the computer. 

Again, options are possible to set up protective areas around main sites, which include home and kindergarten.

XPLORA X5 Play Features:

  • 1.4″ TFT Touchscreen 
  • 2 Megapixel 4GB Storage Space Microphone & Speaker
  • IP68 Waterproof up to 1.5m
  • Make and answer a phone call
  • Receive and send your texts 
  • Allow voice messages)
  • Emojis’
  • Pedometers / G-sensor

XPLORA X5 Play Pros:

  • GPS tracking 
  • Splashproof

XPLORA X5 Play Cons:

  • Little Pricey

XPLORA X5 Play Price:

XPLORA X5 Play is available on Amazon at $189.99 & FREE Returns and X5 Play has a good 4.1 out of 5-star rating.

 5. Z2 Kids Smartphone by Gabb

Z2 Kids Smartphone by Gabb
Z2 Kids Smartphone by Gabb

The latest Z2 will be anywhere around an iPhone and a ridiculous handset and one of the best smartphone options for kids.  

Gabb’s 2nd gen kid-specific platform now features audio, a bigger screen, and improved dual cameras. 

Although it also lacks the traditional browser and social networking sites. 

And, the GPS service helps you to locate your child nearly immediately. 

Beyond the expense of the unit, the service begins at 20 dollars per month.

Z2 Kids Smartphone Features:

  • 30-day cash return guarantee
  • No parenting restrictions needed: no social networking, no web surfing 
  • No gaming, No android market, No worry.
  • 8MP camera for selfies, pictures, and videos
  • Bluetooth songs on earbuds and headphones
  • 14 important applications: music, computer, message, contacts, camera, etc

Z2 Kids Smartphone Specifications: 

Gabb Safety for kidsInternet, App Store, & Social Media Free
Fingerprint Sign-In SecurityEasy and safe access for Children
GPSHelp for kids if the phone is lost
BluetoothFor music earbuds and speakers
CamerasRear 8MP; Front 5MP
Screen Size5.45’’ Display and 720p
Headphone Jack PortTraditional 3.5 mm
ChipsetQuad-Core CPU 2 GHz, MTK 6761,
Memory and Storage2GB RAM, +32GB ROM
Battery Capacity2650 MAh Battery

6. iPhone SE: Smartphone For Kids

iPhone SE: Smartphone For Kids
iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the best smartphone option for children because it’s the lowest and the tiniest. 

Because you’re going to cost less and they’re not going to fight a huge handset.

And, introduced in 2020 suggests you’re going to get application and OS updates for three to five years. 

That means getting your kid a case because of its sensitive glass design, so there’s no excuse it won’t survive so much.

There are plenty of cases and covers on the marketplace, including headphones in the pack. 

If your family members are just iPhone users, your children won’t be losing out on iMessage parent and family calls. 

And you can quickly exchange pictures and other data with AirDrop.

You might buy an outdated iPhone second-hand stuff. 

However, if you choose to purchase a fresh model, the SE is the better option.

iPhone SE Pros:

  • Least Expensive New iPhone
  • Updates On Applications For Years

iPhone SE Cons:

  • Sensitive Display Glass 
  • More Costly Than Android’s Alternatives


Dimensions138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm
OSiOS 13
Screen size4.7-inch
Resolution750 x 1334
CPUA13 Bionic
Rear camera12MP
Front camera7MP

7. iPhone 8

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

If you like iPhone for your kids but are suffering from a tight budget. 

Then, the iPhone 8 will be the best smartphone for kids in 2021. 

The number of phone cases in the industry is unprecedented.

But, it still has reasonable enough specifications for soothing usage.

The iPhone 8 camera is effective and it has the capabilities of wireless charging. 

And it provides most of the benefits as your family members still use Apple gadgets such as the iPad and MacBook etc.

The drawback would be that it won’t be available for even more than a year or 2 with new upgrades. 

But if you just want the best protection and functionality for way too long, consider the SE 2020 iPhone.

iPhone 8 Pro:

  • Price Friendly
  • Lots of phone cases are Available

iPhone 8 Cons:

  • Outdated iPhone
  • OS Update not regular


Dimensions138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm
OSiOS 13
Screen size4.7-inch
Resolution750 x 1334
CPUA11 Bionic
Rear camera12MP
Front camera7MP

8. Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 3310 3G
Nokia 3310 3G

We know the Nokia 3310 3G is not a typical smartphone but it’s a top-rated safe phone for kids to use day to day life.

And, People have loved the memory of the legendary 3310 since 2000. 

A mobile device was so rough that even if people dropped it, you’d have to purchase new floor tiles.

Again, if you throw Nokia 3310 at someone he or she will be hurt.

The current Nokia 3310 3G isn’t even that hard or rugged. 

However, it’s even now comfortingly bottom-heavy and makes a pretty cool kid’s handset. 

There is also a genius around one-month standby battery backup. 

And, Nokia 3310 3G has a bright, transparent display, a good webcam, and a flexible design. 

But there is no simple way to uninstall the pre-installed Facebook and Instagram or Twitter apps to the best of our knowledge.

Although the Nokia 3310 3G is inexpensive, it’s not at the top of the affordable feature phone in the current market scenario.

Fortunately, there are many other Nokia smartphones for kids that do almost the same thing as the Nokia 3310 3G do or less.

But with a little less elegance than the Nokia 3310 3G.

Nokia 3310 3G Pros:

  • Long Healthy Life Of The Battery
  • A Winning Combo Of Features

Nokia 3310 3G Cons:

  • Expensive For Just A Feature Mobile Device 
  • No Rating Of Waterproofing


Dimensions115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm
OSSeries 30+
Screen size2.4-inch
Resolution240 x 320

9. Moto G8 

Moto G8
Moto G8

Motorola presents a great value-for-money smartphone Moto G8 which is not only best for adults but also kids.

And, Moto G8 has a cheap offered price, which would be a very powerful Android mobile phone which will hold your child attached. 

It’s got the new Android 10, better sensors, solid battery capacity. 

And even a plastic construction that ideally won’t break too quickly. 

It has a 64GB storage capacity that ought to be sufficient for most kid’s smartphones and picture needs, including a headphone port. 

Amusingly, it doesn’t have an NFC. 

So users can’t accept digital transactions. 

But other than that, Moto G8 is a valuable kid choice.

Moto G8 Pros:

  • Solid performance 
  • Powerful life of the battery

Moto G8 Cons:

  • No Phone Transaction 
  • The display isn’t fantastic


Phone Dimensions161.3 x 75.8 x 9mm
Operating systemAndroid 10
Display size6.4-inch
Resolution720 x 1560
CPUSnapdragon 665
Rear camera16MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front camera8MP

10. Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1
Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 is made in that way so that grown-up users and kids also like this smartphone.

Especially kids who love to watch cartoons and other anime shows.

This Nokia smartphone has a solid aluminum frame with its market worth. 

And it earns the highest grades for durability, not a trivial consideration. 

If you’re searching for the best smartphone for kids, look no further. 

The extra-large display and fingerprint reader make this smartphone super easy to operate. 

However, with the Android os, you’ll learn from the highest level cloud services. 

And Nokia 6.1 has simple interfaces with Google applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps.

Nokia 6.1 has the latest-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 smartphone device with a 3Gb ram and 32Gigabytes of storage. 

And its display vibrant, higher contrast, 5.5″ full-screen display in more detail convenient screen-to-body ratio of Corning Gorilla glass. 

Nokia 6.1 also provides you quick USB Type-C charging that will get users to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

Nokia 6.1 Pros:

  • Regular Update
  • Great value
  • Great design

Nokia 6.1 Cons:

  • Little Pricey
  • Not Have Many Camera Features


Weight172 g
Phone Dimensions148.8 x 75.8 x 8.2 mm
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1 
Screen size5.5 inches
Resolution1080 x 1920 pixels
CPUQualcomm SDM630
Storage32 GB
BatteryLi-Ion 3000 mAh
Rear camera16 MP
Front camera8 MP

Final Thoughts:

Toys and Playstation game consoles may be some of the most common toys and gadgets for some kids a few years before. 

But many other kids are hoping with something a little more adult; like a smartphone in current times.

Mobile phones will help children and young people a fair amount. 

And, they provide a means for children to get in contact with their parents easily and conversely. 

Again, most have a GPS feature that helps guardians to track their children’s position. 

The debate continues: what stage does a kid have a smartphone?

The 2019 research reveals that the minimum child receives his first smartphone at 10 years of age. 

But views on the age of mobile use vary greatly. 

Bill Gates, a founding member of Microsoft and dad of three daughters. 

Says he didn’t want his kids to have smartphones until they were 14 years old. 

Some technology falcons have a common approach.

So, we suggest you please consider your kid’s age before giving them a smartphone to use. 

Hope you like your suggested list of 10 the best smartphones for kids in 2021.

If you like our recommended list of the best smartphones for kids in 2021.

Then let us know which kid’s smartphone you love to buy for your loved children and why.

Furthermore, if you have any questions about the best smartphone for kids, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Smartphone for kids: FAQs
At what age is a child supposed to have a smartphone?

As per the PewResearch Report, the typical duration was around 12 and 13 years. 

However, when you do get your kid a mobile phone is an individual preference. 

And smartphone needs can differ from individual to individual depending on age and necessity.

Why aren’t family members supposed to carry smartphones at night?

Yes, unless you’re completely confident that your kid would be able to get the handset off at bedtime. 

That is true because there’s no combination between screens and sleep. 

The light released by the traditional computer prevents the development of melatonin in our brains. 

Melatonin is a hormone that causes one to feel sleepy.

How am I supposed to make my kid’s smartphone safe?

For Android smartphone users: the Google Family Connection application. 

And it is freely available in the Android google play store. 

Allows you to set a deadline for regular use and also a “bedtime” schedule where your child is prohibited from ever using a smartphone. 

If your kid requires more money, he or she will send a message to your smartphone.

Is it okay for the family to take a peek at your mobile device?

All in all, families must be prepared to confide in their children enough to not want to look into their smartphones. 

It would therefore maintain confidence and a stable friendship. 

If there is a heavy suspicion that there must be anything that needs to be checked. 

So it’s all right, but if the teenagers don’t, they can have some dignity.

Why aren’t guardians supposed to be strict?

Strict upbringing deprives children of the ability to rationalize self-discipline and accountability. 

Brutal limitations can govern actions temporarily.

However, they do not help a person develop to self-regulate. 

Rather, tough restrictions cause a reluctance to take accountability for oneself. 

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